Saturday, December 23, 2006

Chuffin' 'eck it's cold!

When we moved into the shop we didn't seem all that arsed that it didn't have any heating. But as a precaution we decided to get the worlds smallest heater. Now don't get me wrong, Rikki and I are hard as nails, but when you can see your own breath when you're using the till it's no fun! So there you go, if anyone out there is going to bring their favourite punk shop owners Christmas presents we want sock! And maybe fine single malts...

The sticker? It's on our toilet door and pretty much sums up my sense of humour!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Gig and Christmas Bargains

Wa-hoo Christmas time is nearly here and I'm getting fat! Have a butchers at this 'ere flyer for our Christmas gig, and in the spirit of Christmas giving we've decided to have a mad sale on a bunch of our Oi/ Punk stuff, check out the bargains you can get for just a fiver, and we'll even pay the postage for you! Rikki was a bit dissapointed to see a Red Flag album in there though, tee hee!

Oi Bargain Sale

Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Opening

Christmas Eve CLOSED
Dec 25th-27th CLOSED
Dec 28th-30th OPEN
Dec 31st-2nd Jan CLOSED
Reopening 3rd Jan

And here's a photo of our handsome new zine rack!

Sunday, December 03, 2006


As you may know by now we had a jacket stolen from the shop. This wasn't just any jacket from a huge wholesaler though; this jacket was one of a kind, the only one in the world. When we opened the wife of the chap who made our shop sign (the fantastically talented Jonny Learjet) offered to hand make some clothing for us. So when this jacket was stolen we were totally gutted, it's not like we're a huge chain and it's not like this jacket was one of thousands churned out by a factory in Thailand. So minus one jacket there I was sat on the door at a show we put on in the Steamboat in Ipswich when a chap and his lass walked up to the door to come in. Not that unusual admittedly, I shuffled on my stool, checked the cash tin and prepared to exchange pleasantries as I relieved them both of three quid in fair exchange for being entertained by four bands. Only this bloke saw me and made a sharp right turn that would have made a rally driver proud, and then proceeded to walk past the pub. Now if you don’t know the Steamboat very well let me explain something; the pub isn’t exactly in town. In fact it’s a fair fifteen minute walk to get there from the town centre, and once you are there there’s nowt else to distract you. It’s right on the river, next to a converted maltings office block, and if you walk past the pub all you have to look forward to is a stumble in the dark for about ten minutes then nothing, wasteland, nada, zilch. So when someone walks up to the door, then apparently decides to explore the local area before settling down for some punk rock, it’s odd to say the least. I turned and frowned at Lee the Steamboat Bar manager who was helping me on the door, I then turned to frown at Graham, my co-promoter. Only Graham wasn’t showing the time honored nonchalant raised eyebrow expression that befits all Steamboat oddities, his expression was more akin to someone who has just seen a ghost, a ghost wearing stolen goods…

About twenty seconds later said punter discovered that there really is nothing past the Steamboat and tried to sneak his way back past the front door. Sneaking isn’t really an option here, there’s nothing for about thirty feet in any direction from the front door of the Steamboat, and it’s on a corner! As the walking lunk walked back past I clocked his jacket, or should I say OUR jacket and turned to Graham to mirror his stunned expression. One thing I’ve always admired about Graham (especially as we’re in a band together) is his sense of timing. This won through yet again as he asked me if I was going to do anything about bringing about closure on the current situation rather than sitting with a similar expression on my face as when I attempt mental maths. Well admittedly those weren’t his actual words, they were far more colourful and Saxon in origin. At this point I was so stunned that I didn’t really know what to do next, so I ran out of the door and camera in hand I darted up behind the line of cars that was the other side of the pavement that jacket man was now making a speedy exit on, and prepared to jump out at him, immortalising the moment in photo form forever. I crouched behind a van, double checked my camera and estimating the loping speed of our perpetrator I leapt out, with an itchy finger on the shutter trigger. But nothing, he’d gone. Fortunately he had only gone from my eye line, when I returned to the pub to announce that I had been outwitted I spotted Lee (the bar manager) chatting with a very sullen faced young chap. I was totally bewildered as to what one should do in a situation like this so I let Lee take the lead, but not before I had taken great care to get the perfect photograph of the situation.

Lee informed the very pouty chap that stood before us that the jacket he was wearing was the only one of its kind in the world, and it had in fact been stolen. The responses were mostly monosyllabic and can’t have been interesting or relevant enough for me to remember. Given a chance to think, the only reply that was spluttered forth was, “man, this is gay, I bought this jacket off a mate, gay”. He seemed to use the gay an awful lot, maybe he was pinching stuff to reassure a fragile grasp of his own sexuality? Lee offered jacket man two choices, he could return the jacket and walk home in the freezing cold, or we could call the police and have him arrested for handing stolen goods. The word gay was mumbled a few more times and the jacket was returned.

I do remember this bloke coming into the shop on the day the jacket went missing. I thought something was a bit odd at the time as he was an avid Splitknot fan and appeared to be older than 12 years old. That just doesn’t add up.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Let Just Get Excited

Huzzah, I've just got some copies of one of my favourite zines (yeah I Know I say that a lot), but you've gotta check this one out -

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Foolish Bastards

We hoped it would never happen, but some bastard has stolen something from our shop. It was a one of a kind jacket made by our mate Sue when we very first opened the shop. The shocking thing is that is was in plain view of where we sit on the counter, somebody has some balls to take this. This jacket is one of a kind and will be easy to spot, even in a crowd. This is not just another bit of stock, it is a handmade one of a kind jacket.
Please take a moment to have a look here -

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Smart, Smart like a snail!

Following the sell out sucess of Snailwell Gazette Issue 1 (only 1 copy left!) we've now got our mitts on issue 2! Get it while you can!

Who'll be the next in line?

Big thanks for Second In Line from Newbury for playing our first in-store performance to an intimate crowd. Well intimate may be a bit of an understatement, they played to me, and for a few minutes a paperboy stuck his head in and had a listen. But none the less, it was quite an event, and hopefully the first of many!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Filming and Firsts

We never quite know what's gonna happen next in this shop. In fact I'm going to post this photo with no explaination, and you can make up your own mind about what's going on!

Don't forget on Friday we have Second In Line playing live in store! If you're local then get here for 4pm, if you're miles away then tune in and watch on the webcams!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Red Flag 77 Europe Dates

Thurs 9th Nov
Rotterdam,Holland – O’Sheas (Lijnbaan centre)
Fri 10th Nov 2006
Arnhem,Holland – The Stage
(with Emscherkurve 77 (tbc) & Skorpion 77)
Sat 11th Nov 2006
Lille,France – Le reve d’herbert (with Gun addiction)

The Briefs UK Tour

THE BRIEFS UK Tour 06 ( BYO Records / USA)

07.12.06 UK / Sheffield / DnR Bar w/ Riot Squad, BSD

08.12.06 UK / Exeter / Cavern

09.12.06 UK / London / Carling Acadamy w/ Deadline, Argy Bargy, Black Radio

10.12.06 UK / Brighton / Concorde w/ Propaghandi, Hard Skin, Radom Heros

11.12.06 UK / Brighton / Engine Room w/ Hard Skin

12.12.06 UK / Birmingham / The Ben Johnson

13.12.06 UK / Newcastle / Trillians w/ Holly Racket

14.12.06 UK / Edinburgh / The Three Tuns w/ Sad Society, Instant Agony

15.12.06 UK / Derby / The Vic w/ TV Smith

16.12.06 UK / Liverpool / Carling Acadamy w/ UK Subs, Instant Agony, MDM

17.12.06 UK / Leeds / Fenton w/ Down and Outs, Sex Maniacs

18.12.06 UK / Blackpool-Poulton / Royal Oak w/ Goldblade, Instant Agony, Sedated

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We're thinking of supper and our bellys really

Please note KYP fans, our opening ours have just changed. We originally decided to stay open till 6pm each night but that meant our supper getting cold so we now shut at 5.30pm. No bugger ever came in between 5.30pm and 6pm anyway!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

We got a new road, we got it good,,,

Things have been a bit mad here the last couple of days, they have been putting in a new road which meant they shut Eagle street! Anyhoo, two days later they are just outside now clearing up and painting the lines on the road. We certainly won't miss the noise and the earthquakes every time a roller went by, Rikki played me Ozric Tentacles for the first time just as the huge roller trundled past the shop, I commented that the bass on the Ozrics album was amazing!

Now that the roadlayers have packed up and moved on Rikki and I are fighting through the comedown from the fumes to sort out our rather fantastic new range of McFarlane figures. We've just got a huge stock in for Christmas, we've got several Elvises (or should that be 'Elvi'?) We've got Ozzies, again, should that be 'Ozzi'? Anyone, enough of this rubbish, it must be the fumes making me talk shite!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Skirt Alert!

Well admittedly the photo that we've put with this post has waff all to do with skirts, but our mate Filby has painted his van so we though we'd show it off! If you look back through our blogs you'll see that it used to be baby blue, which is no good for a punk horror rock n roller like Filby!

The real reason for this post is to let all you wonderful people know that we've finally put our range of Know Your Product original skirts online! Check 'em out here -

If you want any of these in a different size, or if you have a design you'd like us to make for you then get in touch!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Local Snails!

As a part of our never ending quest to bring you new and cool zines we've stumbled accross a corker! I'm very pleased to announce that we are now stockists for a zine that is local to us here in Ippo Rock City! We now have some copies of the very marvellous Snailwell Gazette for your zine reading pleasure. Get more info here -

Thursday, September 21, 2006


BIG thanks to Tim at Custom Skins for making us this lovely banner that we're going to be using when we run stalls and bivoac in ditches when we play at scouts.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Eye Pee Freely

While Rikki is doing the hoovering I thought I'd grab a few minutes to let you know the new issue of IP1 Mag is now in our shop. It's a free magazine printed on fancy paper and it has a whole page article on us! There's more info on IP1 Mag here -

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

High Tech Rain Heavy Metal Rain Repellant System

Whether you're hurtling down a log flume or soaking up the sounds at a rock festival do it in style in this Pefect Circle poncho. Modelled by the delightfull Andrew Culture this plastic power rock poncho features all the appropriate openings, a hood and a sassy PEFECT CIRCLE back print. Be the envy of all our friends when the heavens open this autumn.

This item is on ebay right now! CLICK HERE

The kids are alright

Well they're not so much kids as wee hardcore punkers I guess, but check out how excited Matthew Aldous got when he saw our new clothing stock! Being the caring kinda shop we are we let him clean up using our executive wash facilites.

Meanwhile regular number 2 was checking out our new fancy studs and spikes and found a novel way of wearing the dragon claws that we've now only got a few of. I think it will catch on, whatcha reckon? Just remember where you saw it first!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Expansion and Disposal

The arse you see in this photo belongs to our good mate Dom who last night helped us cobble together another rack as the balancing act we've been doing with our CDs, and putting stock on a shelf so high nobody can actually see it didn't seem to be a very good way of convincing punters to actually buy stuff.

Sadly this development did mean that we had to get rid of our much loved chair, but then again we think a young lad might have pissed on it. Mitch (one of our regulars) offered to give it a home but in the end we had to get rid of it in a wicked hurry as we had less space in the shop than one of them fancy new flats they're building round the corner from us. So sadly it ended it's days in a big skip at the municipal tip, along with other fellow urine soaked bits of discarded furniture.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

hey McFly!!!

Continuing our series of cool modes of transport we have Marty in his hot rod, obviously it's not a hot rod yet, but there's one under there bursting to get out! This shot actually took three attempts as each time he stopped outside the shop the lights changed just as I struggled out from behind the counter with all the grace of a a frog on a fork! Seeing this blue wonder makes me want to get a 1976 Dodge Monaco even more, I'd better get saving my pennies!

Oh in shop news, we've got a TON of great clothing comming in the next couple of days, and our online shop is starting to get pretty full too, check it out!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Our first instore performance!

We've just booked Newbury Skate punks 'Second In Line' to play an acoustic set in the shop on November 10th, just before they head off for a set at the Steamboat. If it goes well we may well book more passing bands.

We made the news!

Well kinda, it's the front page news on still pretty smart!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


We've just got 8 copies in of one of my favourite zines Bubblegum Slut in, it's a local one too! Well Essex anyway, and is at the head of what seems to be a massive revivial of zines in that fair county.

More info here -

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Zine and seen

I've just set up out second camera, it's not where it's going to end up but I decided to activate it anyway and stick it on our counter. You can have a gawp by going to and clicking on 'webcams'.

I'm also dead chuffed that we just got in a bunch of copies of two of my favourite zines, Gadgie and Bald Cactus, and amazingly they only cost 50p each! Remember, we do free postage so that really is a steal!


Bald Cactus-

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Spy on us!

Huzzah, I finally got round to fixing the webcams! Well one of them anyway. To spy on us go to If you click the wee link under the image you can even move the camera round! The camera is inbetween the two rooms of our shop so look left and right to catch all the 'action'.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Oo-er, some sneak has stuck a Norwich City FC sticker over the Red Flag poster!

Bin There!

Huzzah, finally our recycling bin has arrived! After upsetting the ladies at the Samaritans shop a few doors down but putting trash in their wheelie bin we've been storing up our waste then taking it home to get rid of! Finally we conceeded that we'd have to spend some money on a bin, unlike residential properties cos we're a business we don't get a bin, even although we still pay tax! Anyhew, as futher commitment to our ethical business we can now recycle everything! We might have to find a better place to keep the bin though!

Friday, July 28, 2006

We've been stenciled!!!

How cool is this! I'd like to think whoever the mystery spray can fan is made this wee ska man just for us :) We're really chuffed with this and there are cool of loads stencils spring up around town, just open your eyes! And yes, that pavement was far too hot to be sitting on, hence the face like a bulldog that's just spat out a wasp. Cheers to Nick the Greek for taking the photo.


Sadly it's looking like the 'armchair of rock' might have to go to make way for some more cds racks, which is great for us but bad for your tired feet! As with last time we decided to indulge in some active recyling and go bin dipping again! As this is expansion though no ordainry skip would do, we had to go for a HUGE skip! There was easily enough wood in there to build half a shanty town! But we've decided just the cd rack will do! But this will mean more space for gig posters so keep bringing them in!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Get Dressed!

I can't remember if I've mentioned it yet, but we've got custom clothing! Our clothing is made by the wife of the chap that hand painted our lovely shop sign. Rikki is modeling a lovely tartan zip jacket, unlike some other zippy clothes our zips are real pockets! There's a bunch of other clothing we've got in and we can make stuff for you, just let us know what you want!

Monday, July 10, 2006

With a little help from our friends...

With a lot of help from Marc 'Aflightoremember' Newby we are filling up the online store. We're working our way through the punk section at the moment, but we'll be moving onto other stuff real soon! Cheers Marc!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Now we have two shops!

Well kinda, the online store is now open for business at check back as often as you can as we're adding stuff all the time, there should be several thousand items by the time we're done

Headless in a Beat Motel

Beat Motel
Issue #5 of Beat Motel is 72 pages of interviews, drunken columnists, mad rants, childish humour and about a billion* reviews, and also features;
Against Me!, Rise Against, any other band we could find with 'against' in their title, Aunty Em, Cougars (RAH!), a beligerant cat, Lagwagon, the best horroscopes, the best album covers in the the world (like the handless organist), Things Found In Sharks, KneeDeep, Ippo News & MORE
You know you want it, you'd better buy it or we'll send the boys round, although that's not much of a threat as they are very nice lads really, and will probably offer to walk the dog or rod your drains or summit.

We've got a bunch of copies in store for £1.50 each so pop along and grab one soon! I'll be adding them to the online store too.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Fat News & Banksy

We're getting new stock in all the time, including some chuffin' great Banksy books that arrived earlier today, and there's tons more to come!

We've just heard word from Fat Wreck Chords that Against Me! Are putting out a live album of a recent London gig, you can watch thier latest vid here -

Fat have also told us there's a new Strike Anywhere! album out very soon.

Here are some smart bands that are currently on tour or about to set off -
30.06. D Waldkirchen - AZ Dorftrottel
01.07. NL Rossum - Rosrock Open Air
02.07. D Roitzschjora - With Full Force Festival
04.07. RUS Moscow - Ikra Club
06.07. D Dietersburg - Blamage
07.07. D Geislingen - Helfenstein Festival
08.07. NL Alkmar - Parkhof - early showtime 5.30pm
08.07. B Gierle - Sjock Rock Festival - late showtime 10.55pm --
09.07. NL Den Haag - Morlock Gallery
11.07. D Soest -- Sonic
12.07. NL Arnheim - Goudvishal
13.07. D Goettingen -- Musa
14.07. D Scherleithen(Fraenkische Schweiz) - Klangtherapie Festival
15.07. D Saarwellingen - Rockwell Festival
16.07. B Dour - Dour Festival
18.07. A Dornbirn - Conrads Ohm
19.07. D Karlsruhe/Durmersheim -- JUZ
20.07. D Muenchen - Backstage
21.07. D Fulda -- Kulturzentrum Kreuz
22.07. D Nordenham - Fonstock Festival
24.07. D Osnabrueck -- Tor 3
25.07. CZ Liberec - Casta Club
26.07. HU Budapest - Music Factory
27.07. SLK Bratislava - Klub Randal
28.07. A St. Poelten - Umsonst Und Draussen
29.07. D Dieburg - Traffic Jam Open Air
30.07. D Rostock-Benkenhagen - Force Attack Festival
01.08. PL Gydina - Ucho
02.08. D Cottbus -- Gladhouse
03.08. CZ Ceske Budejovice -- Martys Club
04.08. CH Wasen Im Emmental - Eichlerhuus Open Air
05.08. CH Gipf-Oberfrick - Freaktal Open Air --
06.08. D Wiesbaden - Schlachthof

30.06. NL Rotterdam -- Nighttown
01.07. D Bonn -- Rheinkultur
02.07. DK Roskilde -- Roskilde Festival -
07.07. P Quarteira - Pavilhao Escola D. Dinis
08.07. P Almada - Incrivel Almadense
15.07. B Herk-de-Stad - Rock Herk --
16.07. B Dour - Dour Festival --

30.06. SP Lleida -- Senglar Rock --
01.07. I Rimini -- Velvet !!! Please note: 2 Shows on the same day!!!
01.07. DK Roskilde -- Roskilde Festival -
Please note: 2 Shows on the same day!!!
02.07. I Ceccano -- Etnika Rock --

Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's the little things in life...

Whilst getting frustrated with the England Vs Portugal game I've been beavering away on our webshite. One small victory is that when you hover your mouse over a link on you get a wee metal hand, hurrah!

Browsing and da punx

Well things are going well, we're having a steady stream of people that all appear to becoming regulars. We've had people demanding soul, telling us that's what people 'actually listen to, not punk'. We've had people telling us they have 'vinyl players' and today we've had members of Condemed 84 and the Addicts stick their heads in as well. Good times, and now we're going to naff off early to go watch the footy.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Wa-hoo, we're going to have our launch night on Thursday 29th June, whoop whoop!

We're going to be open all day, and in the evening we're going to stay open late so you lovely people can come in and have a good snout round!

We've still got a lot to do, but have a look at these panoramic photos I took yesterday to get an idea of how things are taking shape. When you click on one of these images your browser will probably shrink the image you see, so if you use FireFox then zoom in, and if you use Internet Explorer then hover your mouse over the image till the 'expand' button appears on the bottom right of the image.

The view from the till -
The back room complete with changing cubicle! We've got a LOT more clothes to put out but here's a rough idea. The big green thing is the zine/ patch wall. We've got so many zines we just don't know where to put them all.

And finally here's a photo I took from the centre of the shop turning all the way round

busy busy busy

We've got LOADS done over the last few days. We've figured out the till, hassled BT and Powergen over bills and 'negotiated' a lot with lawyers. But we've also done a lot of smart stuff like put stock out, like the NoFx singles club 7"s Rikki is holding in one of these photos whilst balancing precariously on a cd rack!

We've also spent a lot of time sorry out the clothing we've got for the back room, and oh boy do we have a lot of clothing! We're even going to be doing Know Your Product originals! I've seen them, and they are blinkin' great!

As you can also see we've back to our bin-diving ways, the Corn Exchange in Ipswich was chucking out some huge notice boards that we decided would look great in our shop!

long arm of the laws

Nobody ever gets that joke, so don't feel bad! The back room of the shop was looks far too empty so before we started putting the clothes in we decided to hang up some camo netting. As with all things 'Know Your Product' no detail has been left unattended to, this netting was used by a certain well known punk band as part of thier backdrop!

Blue Monday

It's our aim not to have any whitespace left anywhere in the shop, and that includes the celing, so Rikki has made the only start to covering the celing that you would expect him to!

Grills, but no bacon

Just to save our ancient and probably antique wafer thin windows we had our mate Andy knock up some grills to stop drunk folk falling through! We were going to paint them a bright colour but as it took poor ole Rikki a week just to put on the undercoat we decided that black was punk anyway. It's great how deciding stuff is punk helps it fit into our plans!

And doncha just think they look amazing, Know Your Product is actually starting to look like a shop! Especially with the dead smart posters we've been sent my Fat Wreck Chords (cheers Nanette), Go Kart Records (cheers Nicole), Household Name Records (cheers Kafren) and even Metal Blade (cheers Anton!)

Hide your shameful body in style!

Wa-hoo, our tee shirts are here. We've got all the usual sizes plus girls skinny fit ones. If you spend more than £30 on our launch night we'll give you a tee shirt for FREE! Wow, sometimes I'm so generous I surprise even myself!

If we've got any left I'm sure we'll be flogging them at some point, get in touch and let us know if you want one!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Are you sitting comfortably?

We always wanted to have a settee in the shop, partly because we like sitting down and stuff, and also so that we could act as a sort of 'man creche' when fellas get dragged into town by their lovely partners. We couldn't find a settee but a big thanks goes out to Craig Unknown for giving us his armchair. Although he struggled a bit to get it out of his flat, which makes us wonder if that was why the last tennant left it in there! It was a bit of a pickle to get into the shop, so I helped Rikki by taking photos of him struggling. But as you can see, it's oh,
so comfortable for reading zines!

Monday, June 05, 2006

well travelled zines

I don't think we've really told you much about the zines we're going to be stocking. Well there will be all big names as well as some really obscure stuff, and all zine lovers love the obscure stuff! This morning a huge packet of 25 zines from Australia arrived, now I bet there's not many shops that have that many Australian zines! They certainly know how to make smart zines down under too, we've got some really original stuff like a book of fake Elvis' (or should that be Elvii for plural?) and three paper bags that just say 'you' on front!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Household Name indeed!

Wa-hoo! Look what we just got sent for the shop from Kafren at Household Name Records

It should be noted that I have that odd look on my face as I was virtually doing a headstand with the camera between my feet to take this photo!

2Tone door matt!

It's funny the things you get excited about when you open a record shop, take this mat for example. Well actually don't take it, we need it, otherwise we're gonna trapse crap all round the shop. This post was funnier in my head...

Friday, June 02, 2006

We've got wood!

It's true, chuffin' loads of it! We're currently drawing up some sort of plans to build an ark with the wood we've got left over from opening the shop, well maybe just a small one that we can play in when there's no customers in the shop.

And the picture of Rikki on the right is proof that we're not just organised, but clean and hygenic too!

In a vaugely Laurel and Hardy fashsion we built the shelves that will hold all the cds in the wee cardboard sleeves. We decided we're going to have to leave the cd cases in the racks empty, which sucks but the sad truth is we don't wanna get robbed.

Whilst Rikki was trying to screw the shelf supports into the wood of the shelves I learned all kinds of new words that my parents never taught me.

In fact we were flailing about in such a fashion that I was vaugly surprised not to see a gaggle of spectators at the windows when were were done!

The last picture here is me (andrew) installing our 'Know Your Product' baseball bat. We're thinking of selling Ramones baseball bats, whatcha reckon?