Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The new boy!

We'd like to introduce John, who comes to know your product as a gift from the dole office! He's a very nice man who is very helpful indeed. Welcome John!

Beat Motel Issue 7 is OUT NOW

Well not 'out' as in out of the closet, but well, ya know what we mean! Beat Motel is a zine published by Know Your Product co-owner Andrew Culture (me!) and here's what I have to say about the new issue;

Have you missed us? Have you been sat on the crapper counting the tiles around the bath in leui of something entertaining to read?


Issue 7 is filled with more smart stuff than we've managed to jam into any other copy. Despite swearing we'd never do it again we've gone and used a full EIGHTY PAGES again! Here's what's in them;

More bad advice
Opinionated columns that may get me strung up
Facts of Life
F451 interview
Indonesian bands
Bomb the Sun interview
More drunken tales courtesy of the users of
Chapter 6 of my 'memoirs'
(chapter 4 nearly got me sued)
Shocking truth about Nestlé
Clouds interview
Copper Pilot interview

Attack Vipers! interview
House Party tales
Circle Takes Square interview
POWER tour diary
Zine Contacts
Tons of dodgy filler
and letters page, DVD, CD and Book reviews

So we reckon you should buy a copy right now, we've printed more than we did with issue 6 and they disappeared pretty fast so don't hang around! In fact you should probably buy two copies, stop being so tight!

Beat Motel Issue #7

Click here to buy Beat Motel Issue 7...