Friday, July 28, 2006

We've been stenciled!!!

How cool is this! I'd like to think whoever the mystery spray can fan is made this wee ska man just for us :) We're really chuffed with this and there are cool of loads stencils spring up around town, just open your eyes! And yes, that pavement was far too hot to be sitting on, hence the face like a bulldog that's just spat out a wasp. Cheers to Nick the Greek for taking the photo.


Sadly it's looking like the 'armchair of rock' might have to go to make way for some more cds racks, which is great for us but bad for your tired feet! As with last time we decided to indulge in some active recyling and go bin dipping again! As this is expansion though no ordainry skip would do, we had to go for a HUGE skip! There was easily enough wood in there to build half a shanty town! But we've decided just the cd rack will do! But this will mean more space for gig posters so keep bringing them in!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Get Dressed!

I can't remember if I've mentioned it yet, but we've got custom clothing! Our clothing is made by the wife of the chap that hand painted our lovely shop sign. Rikki is modeling a lovely tartan zip jacket, unlike some other zippy clothes our zips are real pockets! There's a bunch of other clothing we've got in and we can make stuff for you, just let us know what you want!

Monday, July 10, 2006

With a little help from our friends...

With a lot of help from Marc 'Aflightoremember' Newby we are filling up the online store. We're working our way through the punk section at the moment, but we'll be moving onto other stuff real soon! Cheers Marc!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Now we have two shops!

Well kinda, the online store is now open for business at check back as often as you can as we're adding stuff all the time, there should be several thousand items by the time we're done

Headless in a Beat Motel

Beat Motel
Issue #5 of Beat Motel is 72 pages of interviews, drunken columnists, mad rants, childish humour and about a billion* reviews, and also features;
Against Me!, Rise Against, any other band we could find with 'against' in their title, Aunty Em, Cougars (RAH!), a beligerant cat, Lagwagon, the best horroscopes, the best album covers in the the world (like the handless organist), Things Found In Sharks, KneeDeep, Ippo News & MORE
You know you want it, you'd better buy it or we'll send the boys round, although that's not much of a threat as they are very nice lads really, and will probably offer to walk the dog or rod your drains or summit.

We've got a bunch of copies in store for £1.50 each so pop along and grab one soon! I'll be adding them to the online store too.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Fat News & Banksy

We're getting new stock in all the time, including some chuffin' great Banksy books that arrived earlier today, and there's tons more to come!

We've just heard word from Fat Wreck Chords that Against Me! Are putting out a live album of a recent London gig, you can watch thier latest vid here -

Fat have also told us there's a new Strike Anywhere! album out very soon.

Here are some smart bands that are currently on tour or about to set off -
30.06. D Waldkirchen - AZ Dorftrottel
01.07. NL Rossum - Rosrock Open Air
02.07. D Roitzschjora - With Full Force Festival
04.07. RUS Moscow - Ikra Club
06.07. D Dietersburg - Blamage
07.07. D Geislingen - Helfenstein Festival
08.07. NL Alkmar - Parkhof - early showtime 5.30pm
08.07. B Gierle - Sjock Rock Festival - late showtime 10.55pm --
09.07. NL Den Haag - Morlock Gallery
11.07. D Soest -- Sonic
12.07. NL Arnheim - Goudvishal
13.07. D Goettingen -- Musa
14.07. D Scherleithen(Fraenkische Schweiz) - Klangtherapie Festival
15.07. D Saarwellingen - Rockwell Festival
16.07. B Dour - Dour Festival
18.07. A Dornbirn - Conrads Ohm
19.07. D Karlsruhe/Durmersheim -- JUZ
20.07. D Muenchen - Backstage
21.07. D Fulda -- Kulturzentrum Kreuz
22.07. D Nordenham - Fonstock Festival
24.07. D Osnabrueck -- Tor 3
25.07. CZ Liberec - Casta Club
26.07. HU Budapest - Music Factory
27.07. SLK Bratislava - Klub Randal
28.07. A St. Poelten - Umsonst Und Draussen
29.07. D Dieburg - Traffic Jam Open Air
30.07. D Rostock-Benkenhagen - Force Attack Festival
01.08. PL Gydina - Ucho
02.08. D Cottbus -- Gladhouse
03.08. CZ Ceske Budejovice -- Martys Club
04.08. CH Wasen Im Emmental - Eichlerhuus Open Air
05.08. CH Gipf-Oberfrick - Freaktal Open Air --
06.08. D Wiesbaden - Schlachthof

30.06. NL Rotterdam -- Nighttown
01.07. D Bonn -- Rheinkultur
02.07. DK Roskilde -- Roskilde Festival -
07.07. P Quarteira - Pavilhao Escola D. Dinis
08.07. P Almada - Incrivel Almadense
15.07. B Herk-de-Stad - Rock Herk --
16.07. B Dour - Dour Festival --

30.06. SP Lleida -- Senglar Rock --
01.07. I Rimini -- Velvet !!! Please note: 2 Shows on the same day!!!
01.07. DK Roskilde -- Roskilde Festival -
Please note: 2 Shows on the same day!!!
02.07. I Ceccano -- Etnika Rock --

Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's the little things in life...

Whilst getting frustrated with the England Vs Portugal game I've been beavering away on our webshite. One small victory is that when you hover your mouse over a link on you get a wee metal hand, hurrah!

Browsing and da punx

Well things are going well, we're having a steady stream of people that all appear to becoming regulars. We've had people demanding soul, telling us that's what people 'actually listen to, not punk'. We've had people telling us they have 'vinyl players' and today we've had members of Condemed 84 and the Addicts stick their heads in as well. Good times, and now we're going to naff off early to go watch the footy.