Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Are you sitting comfortably?

We always wanted to have a settee in the shop, partly because we like sitting down and stuff, and also so that we could act as a sort of 'man creche' when fellas get dragged into town by their lovely partners. We couldn't find a settee but a big thanks goes out to Craig Unknown for giving us his armchair. Although he struggled a bit to get it out of his flat, which makes us wonder if that was why the last tennant left it in there! It was a bit of a pickle to get into the shop, so I helped Rikki by taking photos of him struggling. But as you can see, it's oh,
so comfortable for reading zines!


Jim said...

i peered in the window the other day and saw racks of zines and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

Andrew Culture said...

oh there are a LOT more of them to come!

kRuStYiPpOkArL said...

always nice 2 c Rikki in a skip take the boy outa Stowmarket but cant take Stowmarket outa the boy!

scotty said...

hey guys, liking the look of the place, you having an opening party i hear on the grapevine? oooh, and can i have a bag with 'you' on it. they sound pretty fun. you guys should check out 'the trends', there a local alternative band with a pretty big fan base, they would probably be up for doing some promo for you at their gigs. check www.myspace/wearethetrends
anyhow, look forward to seeing the shop open. laters