Saturday, June 09, 2007

This case is closed

We've just had notification from the police to say that they have closed the case on our burglaries with it remaining unsolved.

So that's it, they got away with it.

We are not amused.

Urban Archeology!

Recently we had trouble with our waterworks, they dug up our back passage and fixes our pipes. (fnar fnar) BUT it turns out we have cellar! The floor in the back part of the shop is concrete so we figure the cellar must be under the hollow floor in the front part of the shop, now all we had to find a trapdoor. There has always been a very wet spongy bit of floorboard round the toilet that we've been doing our best to ignore, but it has been getting worse and worse so Rikki had a butchers, as you can see elsewhere in this blog.

Well, I'll let this poorly written and badly constructed blog die now, and you can have a look at the photo we just took by shoving a camera down the hole!