Friday, June 23, 2006

busy busy busy

We've got LOADS done over the last few days. We've figured out the till, hassled BT and Powergen over bills and 'negotiated' a lot with lawyers. But we've also done a lot of smart stuff like put stock out, like the NoFx singles club 7"s Rikki is holding in one of these photos whilst balancing precariously on a cd rack!

We've also spent a lot of time sorry out the clothing we've got for the back room, and oh boy do we have a lot of clothing! We're even going to be doing Know Your Product originals! I've seen them, and they are blinkin' great!

As you can also see we've back to our bin-diving ways, the Corn Exchange in Ipswich was chucking out some huge notice boards that we decided would look great in our shop!

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