Friday, June 02, 2006

We've got wood!

It's true, chuffin' loads of it! We're currently drawing up some sort of plans to build an ark with the wood we've got left over from opening the shop, well maybe just a small one that we can play in when there's no customers in the shop.

And the picture of Rikki on the right is proof that we're not just organised, but clean and hygenic too!

In a vaugely Laurel and Hardy fashsion we built the shelves that will hold all the cds in the wee cardboard sleeves. We decided we're going to have to leave the cd cases in the racks empty, which sucks but the sad truth is we don't wanna get robbed.

Whilst Rikki was trying to screw the shelf supports into the wood of the shelves I learned all kinds of new words that my parents never taught me.

In fact we were flailing about in such a fashion that I was vaugly surprised not to see a gaggle of spectators at the windows when were were done!

The last picture here is me (andrew) installing our 'Know Your Product' baseball bat. We're thinking of selling Ramones baseball bats, whatcha reckon?


Wast said...

I'll take one of those Ramones baseball bats...will match my Ramones alarm clock rather nicely !

Andrew Culture said...

they do seem to be a pretty great idea! Just gotta find a wholesaler

Wast said...

Why not just buy some ordinary hickory bats and set to work a-whittling ?

I'm sure you creative types could fashion something interesting yet equally punk rawk...