Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Expansion and Disposal

The arse you see in this photo belongs to our good mate Dom who last night helped us cobble together another rack as the balancing act we've been doing with our CDs, and putting stock on a shelf so high nobody can actually see it didn't seem to be a very good way of convincing punters to actually buy stuff.

Sadly this development did mean that we had to get rid of our much loved chair, but then again we think a young lad might have pissed on it. Mitch (one of our regulars) offered to give it a home but in the end we had to get rid of it in a wicked hurry as we had less space in the shop than one of them fancy new flats they're building round the corner from us. So sadly it ended it's days in a big skip at the municipal tip, along with other fellow urine soaked bits of discarded furniture.

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