Wednesday, August 30, 2006

High Tech Rain Heavy Metal Rain Repellant System

Whether you're hurtling down a log flume or soaking up the sounds at a rock festival do it in style in this Pefect Circle poncho. Modelled by the delightfull Andrew Culture this plastic power rock poncho features all the appropriate openings, a hood and a sassy PEFECT CIRCLE back print. Be the envy of all our friends when the heavens open this autumn.

This item is on ebay right now! CLICK HERE

The kids are alright

Well they're not so much kids as wee hardcore punkers I guess, but check out how excited Matthew Aldous got when he saw our new clothing stock! Being the caring kinda shop we are we let him clean up using our executive wash facilites.

Meanwhile regular number 2 was checking out our new fancy studs and spikes and found a novel way of wearing the dragon claws that we've now only got a few of. I think it will catch on, whatcha reckon? Just remember where you saw it first!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Expansion and Disposal

The arse you see in this photo belongs to our good mate Dom who last night helped us cobble together another rack as the balancing act we've been doing with our CDs, and putting stock on a shelf so high nobody can actually see it didn't seem to be a very good way of convincing punters to actually buy stuff.

Sadly this development did mean that we had to get rid of our much loved chair, but then again we think a young lad might have pissed on it. Mitch (one of our regulars) offered to give it a home but in the end we had to get rid of it in a wicked hurry as we had less space in the shop than one of them fancy new flats they're building round the corner from us. So sadly it ended it's days in a big skip at the municipal tip, along with other fellow urine soaked bits of discarded furniture.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

hey McFly!!!

Continuing our series of cool modes of transport we have Marty in his hot rod, obviously it's not a hot rod yet, but there's one under there bursting to get out! This shot actually took three attempts as each time he stopped outside the shop the lights changed just as I struggled out from behind the counter with all the grace of a a frog on a fork! Seeing this blue wonder makes me want to get a 1976 Dodge Monaco even more, I'd better get saving my pennies!

Oh in shop news, we've got a TON of great clothing comming in the next couple of days, and our online shop is starting to get pretty full too, check it out!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Our first instore performance!

We've just booked Newbury Skate punks 'Second In Line' to play an acoustic set in the shop on November 10th, just before they head off for a set at the Steamboat. If it goes well we may well book more passing bands.

We made the news!

Well kinda, it's the front page news on still pretty smart!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


We've just got 8 copies in of one of my favourite zines Bubblegum Slut in, it's a local one too! Well Essex anyway, and is at the head of what seems to be a massive revivial of zines in that fair county.

More info here -

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Zine and seen

I've just set up out second camera, it's not where it's going to end up but I decided to activate it anyway and stick it on our counter. You can have a gawp by going to and clicking on 'webcams'.

I'm also dead chuffed that we just got in a bunch of copies of two of my favourite zines, Gadgie and Bald Cactus, and amazingly they only cost 50p each! Remember, we do free postage so that really is a steal!


Bald Cactus-

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Spy on us!

Huzzah, I finally got round to fixing the webcams! Well one of them anyway. To spy on us go to If you click the wee link under the image you can even move the camera round! The camera is inbetween the two rooms of our shop so look left and right to catch all the 'action'.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Oo-er, some sneak has stuck a Norwich City FC sticker over the Red Flag poster!

Bin There!

Huzzah, finally our recycling bin has arrived! After upsetting the ladies at the Samaritans shop a few doors down but putting trash in their wheelie bin we've been storing up our waste then taking it home to get rid of! Finally we conceeded that we'd have to spend some money on a bin, unlike residential properties cos we're a business we don't get a bin, even although we still pay tax! Anyhew, as futher commitment to our ethical business we can now recycle everything! We might have to find a better place to keep the bin though!