Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Headless in a Beat Motel

Beat Motel
Issue #5 of Beat Motel is 72 pages of interviews, drunken columnists, mad rants, childish humour and about a billion* reviews, and also features;
Against Me!, Rise Against, any other band we could find with 'against' in their title, Aunty Em, Cougars (RAH!), a beligerant cat, Lagwagon, the best horroscopes, the best album covers in the the world (like the handless organist), Things Found In Sharks, KneeDeep, Ippo News & MORE
You know you want it, you'd better buy it or we'll send the boys round, although that's not much of a threat as they are very nice lads really, and will probably offer to walk the dog or rod your drains or summit.

We've got a bunch of copies in store for £1.50 each so pop along and grab one soon! I'll be adding them to the online store too.

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