Sunday, March 02, 2008

If you go down to KYP today, you're sure of a big surprise!

The counter where you knew it and loved it, in fact with no CDs on the shelves behind it's kinda camoflauged against the wall behind!

Lookie, the counter has gone! And good Jeebus were we hiding a ton of stuff behind it!

It was a bit like an archelogical dig, we uncovered the old zine rack! Remember that? We stopped using it because when someone picked up a zine it dumped every single other zine over the CD racks!

Bye bye stinking horrid old pissy shite carpet! In the background is the very useful and helpful Rupert, from Staunch just down the road.

Arg, the entire contents of the shop are now in the back room!

Rupert doing the hoovering, he said, "you'd better not be taking my photo!," then posed nicely for the camera!

What a happy shop keeper

Me doing some work, a rare sight I know.

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