Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

About a year ago Rikki and I were at his house having a curry/ directors meeting/ wine appreciation night and I noticed that when changing CDs Rikki was leaving the tray on the CD player open.
"Oooh, you don't wanna do that"
I slurred, and told the sorry tale of when I destroyed a previous bosses CD player by accidently snapping the tray off when reaching for something. Rikki took heed and closed the CD player to avoid a similar incident. When I spoke to the Rikki the next day it transpired that he had only followed my advice for a short while, and a few minutes after I had left his house he had been reaching for something and snapped the CD tray clean off his nice CD player!

This tale makes the fact he did the same thing to the shop CD player a few days ago even funnier! If my calculations are correct (and including computers used to play CDs) that makes this new casualty the fifth CD we’ve gone through in the last two years! Fortunately I found a couple of CD players under a bench at the Steamboat Tavern here in Ipswich, and the wonderful landlady Val said I was welcome to them. So our new CD player is a five draw behemoth, in fact it’s so big Rikki would probably break his leg instead of snapping off the tray!

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