Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sticky fingers

wa-hoo! We've just ordered some kick ass skateboard stickers to promote the shop. It may not seem like much but it at least feels like we're moving foward. It's getting a bit frustrating waiting for the copy of the lease to come through, considering we're paying £300 towards the solicitors fees I was expecting them to move a bit faster! Mind you, that's probably pin money in their books!

We've also been chatting with some suppliers today and have had VERY enthusiastic responses from some labels that we like. They seemed just as excited as we are! One of the things we're thinking of stocking is ethical clothing, in the interests of market research I bought some NO SWEAT ethical trainers. They are totally great, and you even get a wee card with each pair telling you all the benifits the workers in India get as part of their job package!

Gotta go, my father in law has just walked in with two huge CD cases that he picked up for me and I'm itching to take a butchers!


Wast said...

I would love to pick up the RSS feed but you need to enable it first.

The shop setup sounds promising and I, for one, cannot wait to get my grubby paws on your stock...ooooerrrr missus.

steve said...

Sweet converse dude.... but how did u get ur leg up like that by the way some of ur links aint workin say hi 2 Rikki for me im currently working on some design idears if u got an e-mail address i can send some pics 2 ya get bak 2 me soon dude.

Andrew Culture said...

I'm a very flexible man! There's a contact do-dad on the webshite, or you can email us direct on shop at knowyourproduct dot net