Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Quick Catch Up

Well as I've only just started this blog I thought I'd better give you a quick catch up. Last Thursday me and Rikki went and looked at some premises for the shop. It used to be a bowls shop and is on a very busy road in Ipswich, it's right next to two sets of traffics lights (so people can sit at gawp at us when the lights are red). It's also on the main route thousands of college students take to and from college every day.
The shop has two parts, front and back. We'll probably put cds in the front and clothing in the back. Here's the view from the step that goes into the back part, looking towards the front of the shop. That's Rikki Flag on the floor trying to pull something.

And here's Rikki showing where the counter will go!

Now we're just waiting on the lease, we'll let ya know how it goes!

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