Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Rikki Says...

Thankyou all for your kind comments and to all of you who supported us over the last 2 years.As Andrew said,i will be continuing KYP in much the same way as i was before we opened the shop.So will be putting together a printed catalogue & updating the website when i've sorted the stock out.So also expect to see me popping up at gigs with a stall and hassling you to part with ya hard earned cash !!!!
Any gift vouchers will of course be honoured,so get in touch.Anyone wanting tickets for The Adicts or SLF get in touch via the website or the various contacts i have put up in the shop window.
In the 2+ years of the shop we had some truly great moments.As well as the social aspect & seeing faces both old and new.We had visits from many local bands & became an outlet for local releases (If you had any cds in the shop get in touch for them to be returned please) Other visitors included UK Subs,The Grit,Vince Ray,Kevin Beattie,Members of Extreme Noise Terror,The Adicts,Dutch,German,French,Polish and American punks,several film crews,including me getting on sky sports news talking about the Town ! We helped various college projects,took on 2 trainees via the YMCA,got burgled twice,Andrew even arranged a couple of instore gigs and probably loads more i can't remember now.So in all a bloody good time was had.Over and out - Cheers Rikki

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