Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rikki F**ks off!

Well possibly a slightly misleading title, but Rikki is off on tour at the moment with Red Flag 77, here's the dates -

Tuesday 29th April 2008
HOLLAND – Cafe "De Vinger" The Hague,
With Gewapend Beton and The Jesters

Wednesday 30th April 2008
HOLLAND – Cafe "Little Devil" Tilburg
With Disturbance

Thursday 1st May 2008
HOLLAND - Cafe "Zinniz" Oud-Beljerland

Friday 2nd May 2008
GERMANY – Hamburg, Lobusch with Disturbance

Saturday 3rd May 2008
GERMANY – Erfurt – AJZ
With The Smelly Caps and Sick of Society

Sunday 4th May 2008
GERMANY – Berlin, Wild at Heart

Friday 16th May 2008
FRANCE – Lille - Le visiteur / Resto soleil

Saturday 17th May 2008
FRANCE – Normandy

Sunday 18th May 2008
FRANCE – Lorient

Grab 'em if you get the chance, more info on their site here -

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