Monday, May 07, 2007

Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went to Ippo!

I decided I had better make this post in case anyone walks past the shop and sees it is totally empty, no we haven't been burgled again...

Yesterday we packed up KYP and took it just down the road to the Annual Trade Union Workers day at Alexandra Park here in Ipswich. After much confusion trying to constuct the cheapest gazeebo money can buy and a rediculous amount of pitch shifting (no not the musical kind) we were ready to rock! We had a great view of the stage and were amused greatly by the occasional call of 'can we have our ball back' from the footy tournement happening behind us! Cheers to everyone that came and said hello, cheers to Mitch and Molly for be a bloody fantastic help, and most of all thanks to the weather gods who held the rain off until the exact moment we had to pack it all up!
Now all that remains is for me to practically rebuild the shop when we reopen on Tuesday! Rikki will be sunning himself somewhere down south, so you've all got to put up with my pretty face for a week!

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