Monday, March 12, 2007

So who wasn't paying attention at the back?

We didn't say anything at the time as we weren't sure if we were allowed, but someone tried to break into Know Your Product! After the jacket boy incident we decided to get our security checked out, we were told that our shop is a veritable fortress, turns out it really is! A month or so ago we got a call from our lovely landlords saying there had been an attempted break in. Someone with a crow bar spent a good long time trying to lever open the back door, and more importantly failing to open the back door. The door is now a bit battered but is still absolutely rock bleedin' solid! They had a pop at the window too, but with Rikki's mad chippy skills it's now all back to looking lovely.

Theives everywhere take note, our shop is a fortress and even if you did get in what do you think you're going to nick? We leave no money in the shop (have a look through the window any night and you'll see the till is empty) and you'd have a hard time fencing anything we sell! Not to mention the security cameras, they'll take a lovely photo of your face once a second for the entire time you are in our shop!

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